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Vogue. Purple Fashion Magazine. The Washington Post. Oyster Magazine. Dazed and Confused. Wonderland. Teeth Magazine. What Youth.




Marques Almeida. Warner Brothers. Mohawk General Store. Las Cruxes. Shop Nonna. Heroine. Atlantic Records. Merge Records. Converse.



A Star is Burned? [Director] Screening , Le Guess Who? Utrect, NL November 2018

Love at Close Range [Director] Screening, Star & Shadow Cinema, New Castle, UK September 2018


A Star is Burned [Director] Screening, Sade Gallery, Los Angeles, August 2018


Escape-Ism [Performance] The Getty Museum, Los Angeles August 2018


A Star is Burned [Director], Bolsky Gallery, Los Angeles, May 2018


Teenagers/Film [Director], A Time To Be Born [Group Exhibition], New York, November 2017


Love Me/Short Film [Director], Sade Gallery, Los Angeles, October 2016 


Girls/Music Video [Director], Sade Gallery, Los Angeles, March 2016


One of the Boys/Short Film [Director], Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles 2016